Cutting the cord

4 Step Guide

If you have ever answer "YES" to one of these questions, then this would benefit you to make the switch!


1. Do you think you’re paying too much for the     current service you are using?

2. Have you ever wondered, why you do I                have to pay more money for one channel          that is not in my current plan?

3. Do you want to save money and witness the     savings within the in first month of using           service?


Here is how you can....













Cancel current provider

Have enough speed to operate service

Buy a subscription 

Stream from your device

speed test

Speed Test

Will test how much Internet speed you currently have. Click here for details.


Compatible Devices 

Here you will find which electrical devices can be used for service.  ​Click here for details.

how to cancel

Easy Cancellation 

You can email or reach us via chat to cancel your subscription if you are our clients. ​Click here for details.


Frequently asked questions 

Here is a list of FAQs’ that are commonly asked. ​Click here for details.

Note Board

The Lastest Addition to our Streaming Family.


If you are interested in our program and wish to sign up and try our amazing service, please-fill out the form below and let's get you started saving today! 


Email: gearstvaz@gmail.com

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