We do understand that life happens and for one reason or another you may no longer wish to us a service, for various reasons that is why we has come up with a solution, to cancel your services 100% hassle-free. 


Gears TV Now offer one of the easiest ways to cancel your account and that is to simply not renew your monthly service (if not on an auto-pay plan). If  you are setup on autopay and no longer wish to continue your service to stop future payments from taking place just fill out and submit a Contact Form with the label "Cancellation". There will be no penalties for cancellation or additional fees or charges if you decide to come back with us in the future. It's that easy.

*Note you must have purchased and have service from Gears Tv Now so that we have access to your account. If you have purchase with a different Gears TV provider we will not have access to you account information and will not be able to cancel an account..