Welcome to Gears TV Now were we look forward to providing you with one of the best IPTV Streaming services Worldwide.

We are here to offer you a warm place to call home, with stability and a piece of mind. We are here to welcome you into our family! 

Gears TV Now


 1. What is Gears TV Now? 

​Gears TV Now, is an support base for Unify Hosting. You will be able to access your account whether you are on the go or relaxing at home. 


*Note 1: Gears TV Now is not associated with Gears TV HD we are to difference organization. If you had made a purchase with this company they will be the one's that will manager your login credentials; however, we will still assistant you with to the best of our abilities. We can not access any account information because you would need to be a client of Gears TV Now for us to access your account information.*

*Note 2: Gears TV  services are down are as of now will not be returning; whoever, here are some services that are available and  operational  at https://www.gearstvnow.com/prices

2. What is IPTV? 

IPTV (Internet Protocol television) is a service that provides television programming and other video content using TCP/IP protocol suite, as opposed to traditional cable or satellite signals. Gears TV Now understands that the Internet has evolved more into a necessity, rather than a luxury, of life.  


3. How much Internet Speed is recommended? 

The typical bandwidth required to stream Internet videos and television are based upon the users 

preference of quality: 


  • 480p – 3Mbps 

  • 720p – 5Mbps 

  • 1080p – 8Mbps 

  • 4k –25Mbps 


*Note: All of our IPTV streaming service's runs the majority of its streams in 1080p.  The recommendations provided above are standard; but we recommend  25Mbps to enjoy the best streaming experience. 

4a. What services does Gears TV Now provide?

Gears TV Now provides several IPTV services listed in question number 1, for your streaming pleasure. 

4b. Do you offer free trials for service?

We are currently not offer free trials for services.

5. How do I install and create an IPTV account?


Creating  an account: 

  • Visit https://www.gearstvnow.com/prices

  • Select the service

  • Select the Apk or Apk's you have purchased from 

  • ​After purchase, you will receive an email, which will inform you about your purchase, instructions about installation, and activation email with your login information.

  • Once the username and password has been received your account is active and ready for uses.

6. How do I cancel my subscription? 


We strive to could keep all of our clients happy.  It is our hope that you would remain with us, but we understand that our service may not be for everyone.  If for any reason, you do not wish to have service with Gears TV Now any longer, simply, do not renew your service the following month, as there are no contracts; the account will be disconnected automatically if you are in our monthly renewal plans. If you are in our auto-pay plans it is just as easy to cancel your service by email, chat, or phone call at 888-778-5358 and you will no longer be billed for service.

*You must be a Gears TV Now client so we can access your account. If you have purchase from a different provider we will not have access to your account information.


7. Are there fees for reactivating an account? 


Some services will ask the client for an activation fee if there service needs to be reinstated. 


8. How long are the terms for an account? 


Gears TV Now runs month to month service terms so we are able to avoid contacts, which trap customers into long time commitments as well as monthly reoccurring plans that allows the clients to maintain their current login credentials throughout their time with our service to avoid interruptions in service .  


9. Will I be billed monthly for service? 


You will not be billed monthly for your service so it is strongly recommended that you keep your account current so you do not have a break within your service.


10. Will payments be withdrawn automatically from my bank, credit, or debit card account? 


No, you will not have to worry about surprising and unexpected withdrawals from your bank, credit, or debit card account unless you are taking part in one of our auto-pay plans, which then your account will be billed on the same day of the month each month for service until canceled. 


11. What form of payments can be used to purchase a subscription? 


Since the merge of Gears TV Now and imarketzone, we are can now except accept:  PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and debit or check cards as forms of processing payments for subscriptions.  


12. How many devices can be used per account? 


You can use one device per account, which will allow you to play Live TV on a single device but you can have as many devices and accounts as you would like there is not a limit as of how many you can have.

*Note: Any IPTV service we offer will not allow multiple devices to stream Live TV at the same time if you only have a single line. 



13. What would happen if multiple users try to use a single account simultaneously? 


If you choose to share your login credentials, you may run into a risk of that user kicking you off from watching the live streams or movie that you were  viewing. Gears TV Now will only allow one user on an account at a time. 

14. Can I change my plan at after activation?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade you service plan at anytime you wish just send a chat message, or leave us a email so we can assist you with your transition.


15. Does IPTV services ever go down for maintenance? 


Yes, we do go down for maintenance but to keep everything operating smoothly for everyone.  


16. How long and when does maintenance takes place? 


Maintenance takes place when changes or update are conducted. We have noticed that maintenance usually occurs when traffic has slowed down tremendously and it is quite fast; customers may never notice when maintenance is or has taken place or if a major update is occurring on a service you will notice downtime, but rest assure we are aware of the situation and teams are working hard to get back to an operational status .  


17. When can I get started with an account? 


First, we would recommend that you download the correct applications to install on your device. 

  • Download and Install the application. 

  • Purchase the product 

  • Enter to username and password provided 

  • Enjoy your service  

18. I previously had Gears TV and Mayfair Guide Pro:  Gears TV  works fine with my new login information, but I can not login into my Mayfair Guide Pro. Why? 

This happens because the Mayfair Guide Pro has your previous information saved, which does not allow you to re-enter a username and password to resolve this issue.  You have to completely uninstall your current Mayfair Guide Pro and install a fresh Mayfair Guide Pro, doing this will allow you to enter your new login information for your Mayfair Guide Pro and Gears TV application.

*Note Gears TV is no longer an available streaming service.

19. What is an affiliated iPartner member? 

This is a program for members to start your own business for $100 a month. You will immediately receive access to the iPartners back office to start building your business and track your sales in real time. Our iPartner program includes your own imarketzone website to start earning money right away on every product we offer. iPartners can sell products and services as well as enroll other iPartners in the business. ​

20. What are the benefits of becoming an affiliated iPartner member?

  • Run your own business with minimum costs, our membership plans starting at only $100/monthly.

  • Comes with your own imarketzone website that works for you 24/7.

  • Get immediate access to your own Back Office & Sales tracking Technology with Real-Time Reporting.

  • Earn 50 Percent Commissions on all direct products sales through your website.

  • Earn residual income from iPartners in your organization when they renew their memberships.

  • Earn monthly referral bonuses for each Affiliate/iPartner you refer.

  • Earn Lifetime commissions on all customer orders (once you refer a customer, you earn each time they make a purchase).

  • Earn additional Commissions when iPartners in your organization make sales.

  • Receive 20% Wholesale Discounts "Instantly on all products” you purchase for yourself.

   *Receive 20% Wholesale Discounts "Instantly on all products” you purchase for yourself.


21. How much money can I make as an  affiliated iPartner member?

The money you can make is endless, if you get clients to purchase your service you will receive a commission off on this sale if your clients remains an active account user you will continue to make commission each month. The more clients you bring in the more you will make if your monthly iPartner membership is currently active.

22. How and when would I get paid?

You will receive a weekly check from imarketzone that will be sent out on every Friday, if commissions are to be paid out.

23. What is the iPartner bonus and how can I receive it?

This new bonus is earned whenever you enroll new iPartners into the business. You can now earn $25 - $50 additional for every new enrollment. This is in addition to the regular commissions earned when you make sales and enroll new iPartners. Please see the chart below for the new bonus payout structure.

Weekly Qualifications with Weekly Bonus Payout

Weekly Qualifications  with Weekly Bonus Payout

New iPartner Enrollment                   $25 per enrollment

New iPartner Pro Enrollment            $50 per enrollment

24. How can I get started as an affiliated iPartner member?

To become an iPartner member click on the link to get started.



1. Why is my system down? 

Your system can be down or not operational due to you account has overlapped and expired. You would make sure this is not the case and reach out to one of our client representatives through our chat services or client support team to verify that this is the issue to get you account back to an active status.

2. Is Gears TV Now the same as Gears TV HD

No, we are not associated with Gears TV HD, we are two different companies that provides Gears TV service.

3. Does Gears TV Now offer Gears Reloaded

No all Gears TV services are no longer available to purchase anywhere.

4. I am having buffering issues with my service? Is there anything I can do to correct this issue?

Yes, there are several things you could try such as uninstalling and reinstalling your application to have the latest version. You conduct a Internet Speed Test to see if you are running the proper speed to operate your application. ( if your speeds are insufficient you will want to contact your Internet provider for an increase of speed). You can preform a hard reset on your modem and router by disconnecting them from there power source for 30 seconds, these measures have corrected many buffering issues within the service. You can refresh your channel in the setting area or we recommend refreshing weekly to see if any updates have occurred that you could have missed. You could also log out of your account and log back in if there has been any changes after a major update.

5. I have previously had service with you before and I have repurchased service again, but I am unable to Stream. What can I do to begin streaming again 

You will need to delete or uninstall your current application and reinstall the latest version .

6. I have payed online but I have not received my username and password to beginning stream? Why is this?

If you have purchased from another Gears TV provider we will not be able to locate your account because you would not be in our Gears TV Now systems. The best thing to do in this situation is locate your purchase ticket and contact your provider located on your ticket. If you have purchased with Gears TV Now you will receive your login information by email so you would need to check your inbox, junk, and spam mail for your emails.


7. I purchased service from Gears TV HD at http://www.gearstvhd.com and have not received login credentials what should I do?

Gears TV HD is no longer accepting new clients so make sure you account has not been charged for service and make your purchase with a different provider.

8. I purchased a VPN is it really mandatory? 

The use of a VPN is not mandatory for streaming IPTV services in the US; however, the use of VPN's are required in certain countries.