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What is a Speed Test?

Speed Test is a measurement of a user's Internet connection speed, which reports upload speed, download speed, bandwidth, ping, jitter, and packet loss.

How can a Speed Test be ran?

To run a Speed Test, the user must have the device connected to the router via cable or Wi-Fi to test connection speed.  Conducting a speed test is a free service, and depending on which speed test you choice; it will tell you what speed you are currently operating on.  To measure you Internet speed,  "Click Here".


How much bandwidth is required for streaming?

The typical bandwidth required to stream Internet videos and television are based upon the users preference of quality:

  • 480p - 3Mbps

  • 720p - 5Mbps

  • 1080p - 8Mbps

  • 4k - 25Mbps

*Note: Most services recommend 1.5-3 Mbps(Megabits per second) download speeds to stream standard definition video without buffering issues. We recommend 3-5 Mbps download speed because our services runs most streams 1080p or better. Take in consideration while streaming the more people connected on the same Internet connection can cause buffering and a higher Internet speed may be required to maintain a smooth and constant stream.


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